1. Surprising Things That Can Wreak Havoc on Your Teeth (Part Two)

    In part one, we examined the food-related nutrients and factors that are uncommonly known risks to our oral health. From gummy vitamins to seltzer water and starchy foods, these things wear on our enamel and, over time, can cause cavities.   In part two, we’ll go further into depth and beyond foo…Read More

  2. What We Know About Tartar: Part One

    Tartar is a little-known substance that grows and coats our teeth that the lovely dental hygienists get to pick and prod at, at a routine exam! What exactly is tartar and does it lead to tooth decay? Is tartar the result of being lazy and having harmful dental health habits, or is it a result of gen…Read More

  3. Your (Protected) Dental Records

    Convenient and Secure Digital Records Precision Dental of Windsor maintains patient records and radiographs digitally for fast and accurate communication with other practitioners. This technology also allows us to provide the lowest dose of radiation possible. We also take our patients’ privacy ve…Read More

  4. Not Common — Not Easily Seen

    Sometimes patients are surprised by what we find during their exam.  This post is to share some findings that need x-ray equipment to see or are difficult to see at home.  These are NOT common, however, they are good examples of what can go unnoticed. Again, these are NOT common; however, th…Read More

  5. Work and Home

    The Experience of Dentistry This post is to share a little bit about my passions at work and at home. At Precision Dental of Windsor, our team is excited to help patients interested in life changing “make-over” treatments as well as those coming for emergency and preventative care.  We tak…Read More

  6. The Night Guard: Do You Really Need One?

    HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M CLENCHING AND/OR GRINDING? Clenching and/or grinding habits can be difficult to self-assess.  Checking in on the position of our teeth during high stress activities, like driving through traffic, can give us an idea of whether or not a habit is present.  Those familiar with …Read More

  7. Calculus and Tartar Prevention

    WHAT IS CALCULUS/TARTAR? Calculus, also known as tartar, starts out as soft dental plaque.  This soft material can be found along the gum-line and is often mistaken for food particles, but is actually mostly a mass of bacteria.  Dental plaque can be easily removed by regular brushing and flossing.…Read More

  8. Pain Management without a Prescription

    Pain, especially tooth pain, can be debilitating. Fortunately, there are over-the-counter medications that can help mild to severe tooth pain until you’re able to see the dentist. Many patients don’t know they can take ibuprofen (brand name Advil) and APAP (brand name Tylenol) together. Taking t…Read More

  9. Needle-Free Dentistry

    If getting dental work without a painful shot sounds good to you, you’re not alone. We’re excited to offer that experience with locally developed, FDA approved, Kovanaze nasal spray. Kovanaze is administered similar to nasal spray allergy medicine and works to numb select upper teeth for adults …Read More

  10. Is Bleaching Right for You

    I Want a Brighter and Whiter Smile! Many patients are interested in a brighter and whiter smile and want to know more about bleaching. To understand how bleaching works, we can first look at why teeth appear dark or stained. One common reason is the consumption of darkly colored drinks. Enjoying dri…Read More