As a new and growing dental practice, we are excited to bring our Contemporary and Diversified Training, enthusiasm for Patient-Centered Care, and a belief in Sustainable Dental Health to Windsor, CO!  We are a privately owned and operated dental clinic, and enjoy getting to know our patients and making a positive impact in the community!

Our training is Contemporary and Diversified!  We’ve mastered the fundamentals of general dentistry and sort through new groundbreaking technology to provide the most reliable products and services to our patients.

We also understand that all our patients are unique and provide Patient-Centered Care!  We provide dental treatments for those wanting dramatic smile make-overs, and maintenance programs for those looking to keep what they have throughout their lifespan. Instead of “pushing” treatment on patients, we are focused on education and explaining why dental work may be needed. We welcome patients to take treatment plans home and think them over before scheduling.

In addition, we believe in Sustainable Dental Health, which also involves patient education!  Our goal is to help patients with the following:

  • Reduce time/money spent at the dentist

  • Keep what they have as long as possible


  • Take care of small problems before they before they become expensive.



We are Precision Dental of Windsor and excited to make a positive impact!  With so many great dental practices to choose from, we try to set ourselves apart with our contemporary and diversified training, enthusiasm for patient-centered care, and belief in sustainable dental health. Are you looking for a change? Or perhaps, looking get back on track?

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–Dr. Jill Kollar and Staff–

About Dr. Jill Kollar

I’ve been in the dental field since I turned 15, when my dad (longtime Fort Collins residents might remember Dr. Mark Kollar) trained me as a chair-side dental assistant.  I worked for him and learned a lot about caring for patients in a dental setting throughout high school and college. After getting my bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine from CSU, I decided to go to dental school. I had explored other career options, but I really enjoyed my experience as an assistant and wanted to get a degree that I could use to help people restore their oral health. I attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston and received my Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD).

(Just a note: Dentists with a DMD degree have the same education as those with a DDS, which stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery. Both have the same curriculum requirements and dentists with a DMD and DDS have passed national, state, and regional exams. Different universities just offer different degrees.)

After several years working as an associate dentist, I decided to open my own practice, Precision Dental of Windsor, which I couldn’t have done without tremendous support from my family and friends. You’ll see their contribution in my dad’s restored dental chairs, the design of the office, and the photography displays.

Dentistry is a big passion of mine, and I enjoy teaching students in the Dental Assisting Program at Front Range Community College.  I also like writing!  Check out my BLOG to learn more about dentistry and our practice!

–Dr. Jill Kollar–