The Experience of Dentistry

This post is to share a little bit about my passions at work and at home.

At Precision Dental of Windsor, our team is excited to help patients interested in life changing “make-over” treatments as well as those coming for emergency and preventative care.  We take out cavities, replace old crowns, and deliver night guards to protect the teeth.  We also submit x-rays to insurance, coordinate with specialists, and provide a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Feedback that patients had a great experience is how we measure success!

Art and Expression

At home, I like to look at art and create some of my own!  Instagram, Facebook, and Pintrest provide great platforms for sharing and learning new techniques.  I hope everyone reading this is sharing!  Please feel free to leave a link to your page in the comments section.  Also, I love to support the arts and am looking to feature new artists on our Local Artists page.

For the past few years I’ve had fun finding photography online to make drawings of.

My favorite thing to draw by far is the human face.  I especially like to draw children because they are so full of free expression in photographs.

Some of my favorite artists can be found at:    Art Collective    |    Flaming Abstracts    |    Kuvshinov Ilya

Other favorites are:    Art Perspective    |    Art People Gallery    |    Art Digger

All the original photographs for these drawings can be found by searching “children photography” on Pinterest.

I also like to make oil paintings based on photographs I take.

Oil Painting

Original Photo

Oil Painting

Original Photo

There are lots of opportunities at local breweries and coffee shops to show off your art.  I’ve definitely had a lot of fun on the wall.

Grimm Brother’s Brewhouse, Loveland

Pateros Creek Brewing Company, Fort Collins

Organizing Prints at Home

I hope you enjoyed this post!  It’s fun to share and I hope those reading are also sharing their passions online! For more of my art check out on Instagram.