WE ARE PROUD TO SHOWCASE the work of local artists in our office and will gladly offer contact information and pricing upon request.

Modest Khovaylo

Before photography became my passion, I was a full time industrial designer. I am constantly reminded of how closely related design and photography are to each other. I consider the process of crafting an image to be equal to that of creating a design for industry. My design work has been published in featured articles in BusinessWeek, Fortune, Newsweek, and American Photo. One of my designs was selected for an award from a curator with the Museum of Modern Art. That design also won the industries’ equivalent of an “academy award” from the Industrial Designer’s Society of America (IDSA Idea Gold). Classes in painting, drawing, sculpture, art history, product and graphic design set the groundwork for my work in photography which was to come years later.

Now focusing solely on photography, my chosen subjects are the landscape and abstracts from the landscape. Having moved to Colorado almost 40 years ago, I’ve had the great opportunity to visually explore the American West for many years. I’ve enjoyed taking my photography to the next level through workshops. Some of my teachers are currently represented by the Ansel Adams Gallery and it was a pleasure learning from them. In 2015, I’ve had the honor of having 7 of my photographs awarded with honorable mentions from the International Photography Awards (IPA Lucies) in the categories of non-professional: “Fine Art: Landscape,” “Fine Art: Abstract,” “Nature: Seasons,” and “Nature: Landscape.”

I’ve now developed over ten themed portfolios and am excited to share some of the images with you here. I just try to photograph how I see the world, and if people relate to that I’m honored.

Sharon Wakefield

As a quilter, you have put long hours into creating your quilt top – and now you want someone to finish your quilt with the loving and care that that will turn your quilt top into a family heirloom. Country Quilting (formerly Old Town Quilting) brings over a decade of quilting experience to fulfill those desires.

Whether you desire the quick and cost effective edge-to-edge done by our Statler Stitcher / Gammill machine or the custom/heirloom quilting hand done by Sharon – Country Quilting can handle your needs. Come visit the corn fields in Wellington and check out the new studio – we look forward to meeting you!  http://www.oldtownquilting.com/

Jill Kollar

Art has always been a big part of my life.  Growing up in Minnesota, my parents would always encourage my 3 younger siblings and me to create little masterpieces while we waited out the cold winters.  I enjoy painting/drawing yoga poses, landscapes and portraits- with my favorite being children’s portraiture.  The freedom of expression children have inspires me and I love trying to capture that on paper.

I’ve had paintings on display in several locations throughout Loveland and Fort Collins and have done some fun requests including tattoo design and portraits.  Now I’m interested in supporting other artists in the community!  Please submit your artwork to info@precisiondentalwindsor.com if you would like to be featured!


We want to support creativity and expression in our community!  Painters, jewelers, designers, sculptors, ect! Please email us your art with a short bio and what inspires you for a chance to be featured on our page!  We are happy to help promote websites/social accounts as well.