1. What’s Causing Your Sore Teeth (Part Two)

    Discover the root of your tooth pain — it may be apart from the common cavity! In part one, we began our exploration of what tooth pain can be attributed to beyond cavities. We found that both exercise and sinus issues can increase tooth pain. Learn more about tooth pain below. Being Hit in the Mo…Read More

  2. What’s Causing Your Sore Teeth (Part One)

    Your tooth pain may go beyond cavities. Is tooth pain just tooth pain? In it, holds a myriad of types — there is severe tooth pain, throbbing tooth pain, nerve-related tooth pain, and sharp tooth pain — but what are the causes? Have you been searching for a dentist in Windsor? At Precision Denta…Read More

  3. Are We All Destined for Braces? (Part Three)

    Misaligned teeth, as we’ve examined throughout the past two posts, are a result of early oral habits including poor eating habits and the use of pacifiers past six months and the introduction of sippy cups. As the child develops, the natural mouth and jaw shape begin to change and cause malocclusi…Read More

  4. Are We All Destined for Braces? (Part Two)

    In part one of this series, we raised the question and asked if we are all destined for braces as a result of modern times. The truth of the matter is, dental health has changed over generations from the foods we eat and breastfeeding practices to the gadgets kids use such as pacifiers and sippy cup…Read More

  5. Are We All Destined For Braces? (Part One)

    Modern orthodontics is a relatively new concept, however, there have been documented cases in early civilizations and spanning throughout the centuries. Braces are more common now than ever before —  but is it in part due to innovation or as a result of different foods and oral objects such as pa…Read More

  6. What Your Teeth Are Telling You: Heart Health (Part One)

    Generally, people will go to the dentist when their teeth hurt, which is a big red flag that tooth decay is imminent! Others are great dental citizens and do their due diligence with a bi-annual teeth cleaning, and then there are those that avoid the dentist altogether. Dental health is crucial and …Read More

  7. Family Dentistry in the Summer

    During the school year you’re able to establish a routine and your family becomes a well-oiled machine in maintaining it — and then summer vacation hits, and any resemblance of a routine goes out the window! Each kid dives into summer vacation exploring their boundaries and what they can get awa…Read More