Your tooth pain may go beyond cavities.

Is tooth pain just tooth pain? In it, holds a myriad of types — there is severe tooth pain, throbbing tooth pain, nerve-related tooth pain, and sharp tooth pain — but what are the causes?

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If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know the impact it has, it greatly affects your quality of life. Tooth pain can make basic tasks such as talking, eating, sleeping, and even focusing very difficult.

When we get tooth pain our mind wanders to the insidious and worst outcome, cavities. But, there are so many additional causes of tooth pain that should be explored. Keep in mind that pain is not normal but it doesn’t automatically mean you have a cavity — it’s important to work with your dentist to determine the exact cause.

Below you’ll find a guide to tooth pain and where it may stem from!

What Causes Tooth Pain?


Are you a fitness enthusiast and do you love digging in and grinding through a challenging workout? This may be the cause of some of your dental issues, including tooth pain. In a study, research found that endurance athletes are at a higher risk for tooth erosion compared to those who didn’t exercise. What’s the cause? People who are exercising have an excess of acid on their teeth due to a lack of saliva, or dry mouth. The longer people worked out each week, the increased amount of cavities they had.

Anytime you’re rapidly breathing in and out through your mouth, the less saliva is made. And, if you’re working out and not properly hydrating and replenishing fluids, the longer bacteria have to thrive and etch away — resulting in tooth decay, thus increased tooth pain.

Sinus Concerns

If you’re experiencing tooth pain and tending to a nasty cold, inflamed sinus cavities could be a result. The sinuses sit right on top of the roof of your mouth and flare up along your cheeks and affect both the teeth in your upper and lower jaw.

A clue that your tooth pain may be related to your sinuses is of multiple teeth are affected. If it is indeed your sinuses, there will be several areas that are sensitive. The best course of action is to check with a health care professional to ensure you don’t have a sinus infection.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can crop up much later in life than you think, so if you haven’t had them surface or removed, they could be the culprit to your tooth pain.

Tooth pain seems simple — it could likely be this or that, right?! Tooth pain is actually caused by a myriad of dental issues including exercise, sinus issues, and emerging wisdom teeth.

Learn more about what causes tooth pain in part two of this article — stay tuned!

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