Because sometimes the most unassuming foods and beverages can take a toll on our dental health.


At this point, we all know what is and isn’t good for our oral health — from sugary food and beverage to chewing on ice and other hard objects. While the sugar eats away at our protective enamel and erodes our teeth causing cavities, things like ice and pencils crack, chip, and break teeth often times resulting in dental procedures such as bridges, dental implants and crowns.


Keeping your teeth healthy and your dental routine in check, always begins with food — what you eat matters! At Precision Dental of Windsor, our dental care in patient-focused so your smile stays healthy within and outside of our Windsor dental clinic! Join us today and get to know some of the surprising things that impact your teeth.

It’s Not All About Food – Additional Things That Impact Your Teeth


Poor nutrition stands at the top of the list for factors that impact oral health. As we mentioned above, sugary food and beverage are the worst offenders, and below are a couple of things that don’t always top the list but can do damage to your teeth.


  • Gummy vitamins – Vitamins are good for you, right?! While vitamins are great and they help fill in the gap in our diet, gummy vitamins are often laden with sugar. Essentially, you’re eating a gummy candy that is fortified with vitamins and minerals.


  • Starchy foods – Foods such as bread and white rice, rapidly digest and turn to glucose (sugar). So while it may not be apparent at the moment, eating an abundance of starchy foods, especially if they’re processed, can affect your teeth.


  • Seltzer water – Even those these no-calorie and sugar-free beverages are a delicious alternative to their effervescent and saccharin counterparts (soda), they can be very damaging because they can still be very acidic and the influx minerals can soften your teeth.


  • Acids – As we alluded to above, citrus food and beverage can also damage your teeth because of the acid. While citrus fruits, foods, and beverages aren’t inherently bad, if they’re abundantly consumed, this can cause an issue over time. Do you partake in apple cider vinegar shots? These are also the culprits of enamel erosion!


  • Nutrient deficiency – Vitamins and minerals play an integral part of your overall oral health. If you’re deficient in just one, it can make you more vulnerable to teeth-related health concerns.


We’ve covered a few of the not-so-common things can impact the health of your teeth. Stay tuned for part two as we address the factors beyond food and nutrients that can wreak havoc on your teeth!

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