Dental emergencies are not only traumatic, but they can be difficult to navigate for those who don’t have dental experience. After all, we’re trained in first-aid procedures such as “RICE” (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) when we sprain or break a bone or to “stop, drop, and roll” if there is a fire, but what do we do when we break or chip a tooth? It’s easy to search for an “emergency dentist near me,” but how do you handle a dental emergency in the meantime, especially with the unique activities in Colorado? Read more about dental emergencies seen in and around the activities we partake in, here in beautiful Colorado.


Just a short drive south from Windsor is Eldorado Canyon that boasts some of the best rock climbing in the nation! In climbing, you take calculated risks, but there is no shortage of injuries! The most common injuries are torn biceps and finger flappers (a torn and bloodied callus), but dental injuries are rarely mentioned! Dental injuries in climbing can happen from leading a climb and putting the rope in your mouth to prepare to clip it, and right in the same moment the tension is tightened, rubbing the taut rope up against your teeth and taking a tooth or two with it! Or, if you’re rock climbing, pulling an axe out of the ice right in front of your teeth knocks teeth out very quickly!

Trail running

In beautiful Fort Collins just west of Windsor, you can enjoy a great trail run in Lory State Park whether it’s up and around Arthur’s Rock or Mill Creek Trail, there is no shortage of trails. Running has common injuries, and dental injuries top that list! If your quads are rocking down towers road and you happen to trip, fall, and smash your face, you might leave the scene with one less tooth! Or, if you’re racing to finish the Black Squirrel Half-Marathon and are gaining ground on a fellow runner, watch out for elbow’s and flailing hands — they are known to catch and crack or chip teeth!


No one loves cruising fresh powder at Copper Mountain mor than the ski-bum or ski-bunny, but beware of trees that pop up out of nowhere or catching a rock and face-planting! Both scenarios scream dental emergencies like a broken or chipped tooth, or two! Skiers and snowboarders also have a much higher rate of breaking facial bones such as there jaws!
Traditional sports

If you have a high schooler or you yourself are on a sports league, many of these activities leave you vulnerable to dental emergencies. Take soccer and baseball, in both sports you have balls flying fast past your face. Imagine if you catch one — boom — your front teeth are knocked out. In swimming, you have the likelihood of catching your teeth on the bottom of the pool or diving board or in volleyball you can take an elbow to the mouth trying to save the ball from hitting — only both you and your team mate collide with the same idea!

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